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TPK Models

TonePros Kluson Tuning Machines are available in the following configurations (click on pictures for larger images):

TPK33 Series Tuners

TPK33TPK 33'sThe new TonePros Kluson “33” models are classic 3 per side vintage style tuners, but with TonePros engineering technologies packed into the vintage box. TonePros is first in the industry again with “33’s” completely sealed tuner technology applied to the vintage “Press In Bushing” format. This means that these models Do Not have the hex bolt around the tuner post of more modern tuners, yet these tuners are uniquely designed with extra post support and are very “tight & exact” in both tuning directions. The “33” series does not require the large hole size of either of the more modern tuners, in favor of use of a more vintage size peg hole which is either a direct retrofit or minimum modification for installation. New technology design improvements include high 16:1 Tuning Ratio, additional post room for extra string winds, attention to vintage weight & mass, vintage aged “Butterscotch Keystone” colored buttons, and high performance & quality packed into the original “official” Kluson name plate.

TPKR3 Series Tuners

TPKR3The new TonePros Kluson “R3” Series incorporates all the same great tuner improvement technologies as the “33” Series, but applies it to the Vintage “3 on a Rail” format as found on older “50’s Classic Instruments such as “Junior’s” or “Specials”. The “R3” Series also utilizes the classic “White Round” plastic button. For years, many have sung the praises of having the row of 3 tuners connected for added resonance transfer to the back of the headstock, TonePros enhances this tradition with a “Solid Baseplate” for each row of three tuners.

TPKR3-N Currently only available in vintage “Nickel” finish.

TPKB3 Series Tuners

TPKB3The new TonePros Kluson “B3” Series was inspired by today’s professional guitarist wishing to retrofit newer guitars (and older instruments that have been modified) to fit the holes of the Heavy/Bulky tuners, and return them to a more vintage weight & mass tone. TonePros technology now makes this possible with hi technology & quality, with a new 15:1 Tuning Ratio, hi technology & quality gear components, and the tightest tuning feel of any tuner of this format. The TonePros Kluson “B3” Series fits any guitar with the 25/64ths Large Hole/Bolt Bushing format without modification. The “B3” Series comes with the same vintage “Butterscotch Keystone” buttons of the “33” Series, and is the answer to the professional guitarist’s need to return to the vintage weight & mass tone format while improving tuning performance with vintage appearance.

TPKBW Series Tuners

TPKBWThe TonePros Kluson “BW” Series incorporates the same great tuner improvements of the “B3” Series and utilizes the same “Bolt Bushing” format. The “BW” Series was created as the answer to the professional guitarists need to update the older “Junior & Special” guitars which have been modified for the larger hole “Heavy/Bulky” tuners of yesteryear. The “BW’s” vintage style “White Round” plastic button on individual “3 on a side” tuners makes it right at home on older guitars as well a very popular choice for new models from major manufacturers. “BW” has the same great “technology & quality” upgrades for the “B3” series including the very tight 15:1 high tuning ratio.

TPKB3L Series Locking Tuners

TPKB3LTPKB3LAs TonePros is known worldwide as the leader in patented locking guitar technologies, it is only fitting that we apply this technology to our new TonePros Kluson “B3L” Series. The new “B3L” Locking Series of tuners, are our 15:1 High Ratio “3 on a side” machines, and vintage buttons of our “B3” Series in a new locking format. The “B3L” Series are a high tech, low profile tuner that locks from the top of the post with simple “hand” pressure (no tool needed). Special “Hardened Steel” post tops have been engineered on the top of each tuner, providing an attractive and easy to use locking mechanism for each tuner. These high performance locking tuners are the new favorites of both top artists & manufacturers, as they retain the classic Kluson vintage back, and have a very favorable tone weight & mass. New TonePros Kluson Locking Tuners provide the high performance and locking tuning stability without the Bulky/Heavy formats of other tuners.

TPKF6B Series Tuners

TPK6FBTPK6FBOur new TonePros “F6B” are designed for the “6 in line” format. These tuners are designed with classic features but with performance in mind. “F6B” Series tuners pay critical attention to the all important “winding height”, which is necessary for the “split/top load” design of yesteryear’s 6 on a side tuners. “F6B” features the same hi performance machine gears of the other “B” Series tuners, including the extremely tight, 15:1 high gear ratio. Special “clipped” 7 screw set based plates are included for classic “vintage” appearance, and classic matching finish metal buttons are standard for this model.

TPKF6BL Series Tuners

TPKF6BLTPKF6BLThe “F6BL” Series of tuners is our “6 in line” locking version of the “F6B”. The “F6BL” sports the same great, tight performance including the high 15:1 Gear Ratio and utilizes the same locking mechanisms as our “BL” series. The new “F6BL” Locking 6 on a side tuner set also includes “matched plating” colors on the tuning mechanism knobs for enhanced appearance on lighter colored headstocks.