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TonePros/TonePros Kluson

It is with great regret, that we must now announce the discontinuance of our popular “award winning” TPK/TonePros Kluson line of Tuner products. TonePros halted production of all TPK tuner products in November 2014, and the entire remaining supply of these products will now be channeled to our Authorized TPK/TonePros Distributors before May 10th 2015. Our “revolutionary” design concepts in sealed tuner engineering, including TonePros “Sonic Gasket Technology” made these tuners the choice of the world’s top artists and world’s best guitar manufacturers. Over the last decade, TonePros/TPK has supplied enough tuner sets to equip over 100,000 guitars for Gibson’s* USA factories. TonePros/TPK has also been a “Custom” supplier of tuners to elite guitar makers such as Tom Anderson*, Roger Sadowsky*, and James Trussart* to name just a few.

If you wish to upgrade your guitar, or in some cases return your guitar to “classic” or “stock”, you must act quickly to obtain one of these last remaining sets, by contract TonePros will NOT have any inventory or remaining stock after the May 10th date so we may be unable to help you… when these sets are gone, they are gone… and will not be available in the future.

Remember one important thing also, if it does not say “TonePros TPK” on the package or TPK on the tuner itself, then TonePros did not make it. Don’t be fooled by other products or accept substitutes, if you wish to obtain one of these last available TPK Tuner sets, please contact one of our authorized distributors listed below or contact your local professional music dealer:

With stock & inventory changing by the hour, we advise that you “Phone” (instead of email or clicking on Web items) one of the Distributors listed below to check on availability on specific models & colors:

allPartsharrisTeller musiciansFriend guitarCentermusic123

marquis wdMusic2

For international distributors, check the TonePros Stores Page here.

(*Gibson, Tom Anderson Guitarworks, Sadowsky Guitars, and James Trussart Guitars are registered trademarks of their respective owners, and are not owned or affiliated with TonePros or TonePros TPK.)

For International Distributors, Check the website.